On 24, January, 2017

Investment Company conform that first (maker faire)

Exhibition in
Middle East will be in Kuwait which
start from 9th to 11th
February where Kuwait confirm its role and status
in international arena and reflect that in senior management of the exhibition
mother in United States approval.

The director
general of the company fawaz AL- Ahmed confirms that the exhibition will contain
nearly 39 counters also he confirms that exhibition sponsored by His Highness the Amir Sheikh
Sabah Al-Ahmad and the presence of the Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled
Rodan will organized this year with the choice of the capital of the State of Kuwait
to the Arab youth in 2017,also the investment company is very proud for
embracing gold sponsor for exhibition which defines one of largest of the
makers in the world which involves a major impact in achieving the goal of
creating a spirit of competition and innovation in the development of talent among
young ambition in addition they motioned that the exhibition will be the real begging
of stepping stone to a promising industry also they pointed that the number of projects
involved now stands at 80 projects after the close of registration, clarify the
exhibition that there is a technical
committee from exhibition in New York,
USA, will select the best ten projects
as a first step in the way of manufacturing that contribute to strengthening
the role of local, Arab industry also there are awards for the best ten projects
from the investment company .


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